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A big THANK YOU to all the parents who filled in, and returned the questionnaires. We have been eager to read all your constructive and positive comments!

We would like to highlight some of the following points that we either plan to improve or explain how they work!!

Use of the ‘Big Church’ garden;

Currently we have limited access to the church’s big front garden.  We are really only allowed to use it in the summer term with a few exceptions! It’s used for team games and races like egg and spoon/running/hopping which provide us with an insight into your child’s physical and social development.

We do however have our own outside space which is used regularly and during almost any weather!

Now for the improvement…..Currently we have plans in place to adapt this area at Easter time. This will make the compact space more versatile to allow more ‘inside’ activities to be completed outside.

No Smoking;

Recently there have been a number of complaints from fellow parents who feel uncomfortable walking their children through the front gates due to other parents smoking. As in previous newsletters we have asked and kindly reminded parents/carers not to smoke in the vicinity of Playgroup grounds. Thank you.

More letters and sounds work;

At Playgroup, the staff and children work very closely together, this helps your child develop their own skills in pronunciation and recognition in various ways. This may include; storytelling, digging for numbers in the sand, finger painting names, recognising familiar letters on posters or in story books or even mark making in shaving foam! We can assure you that all these unseen activities are happening! Following the 7 areas of development in the EYFS, we are lead by your child’s personal interests and what they tell us. Each child is planned for individually, as some children feel more confident learning in smaller key-group activities and others thrive in noisy and messy play! All these activities are monitored and observations are made which help us to encourage your child onto their next step.

Finally, it’s been great to receive overly positive feedback on the questionnaires. These will be redistributed every 6 months to help keep both parents and staff up-to-date with the thoughts and ideas to further improve Playgroup and ultimately the development and happiness of your child.

Please see attached information sheet explaining the role of key worker and how this enables us to support your child.

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